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LabLite Customer Service

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Lablite Customer Service is the most configurable, user friendly customer service application available, and ideal for any organization that recieves and must track complaint calls. The application empowers you to manage complaints electronically through the entire complaint lifecycle. It can even be configured to integrate seemlessly with LabLite LIMS, our flagship LIMS solution, providing great value to your business.

Lablite Customer Service contains the following features:
  • A robust client/server system
  • Completely scalable
  • Configurable at global level as well as user level
  • Flexible security model
  • A pleasure to use
  • Complete electroninc trail of complaint history, cradle to grave
  • Lablite can import your businesses' customer and/or location data

Lablite Customer Service allows you to separate customer data from location data. This is a powerful feature as it enables you to query the system for data related to a specific building or home, over a long time period, as well as a particular customer, regardless of where they've lived, over a specific time period. Some people move around, other folks may own multiple properties where you service them, etc. Therefore these two specific pieces of data are kept separate.

The application gives you the opportunity to log customer service calls, even if they were resolved over the phone. Just imagine how many times that may happen in the course of a week or a month, yet your department gets no credit for it. If you are trying to validate a budget increase, and can show documented proof that you spent several man hours on the phone, over a specific period of time, it may help you to defend your position.

Product Workflow

A "complaint" may be defined as an event by a specific customer at a specific location at a specific time. Complaints can have one or more "actions" assigned to them. An action could be to flush the lines, get a lab sample, etc. Actions are completely configurable.

A typical example of a customer complaint being generated and going through the complete lifecycle is illustrated below. For the sake of the illustration we will assume that it is being used by a Water Quality Concern office.

Step 1 - Complaint Creation

The Water Company receives a phone call from a customer who has several complaints about the quality of their water. If the user is in the system, they can immediately be located in the customer drop down via power typing or entering their phone number in our handy phone lookup tool. Next their location can be retrieved in the same way. If either customer or location data is new, it can be added into the system quickly and easily.

Additionally, the following data is captured:

Customer Service - Complaint Creation
  • Complaint Type
  • Who received the complaint
  • Date/Time
  • Report Preference (How does the customer want to be contacted re: resolution)
  • Status
  • Description

The next step is to assign one or more actions to the complaint.

Step 2 - Assigning Actions

Actions, which are customized for your specific business, are available, as well as the responsible party (or parties) being assigned. It is possible to also create and print off work orders to distribute to those assignees. You can assign an unlimited number actions to a complaint.

Additionally, the following data is captured:

Customer Service - Assigning Actions
  • Complaint Type
  • Who received the complaint
  • Date/Time
  • Report Preference (How does the customer want to be contacted re: resolution)
  • Status
  • Description
Step 2a - Create a Work Order

Depending on your firm's specific workflow, you may want to create a work order for the individual actions that were assigned to the complaint.

Customer Service - Work Order
  • They contain both Customer and Location data, separated for convenience
  • Blank Work Orders are available as well
  • You can add comments to Work Orders
Step 2b - Create a Chain of Custody

If an individual needs to have a hard copy chain of custody, Lablite Customer Service offers that feature.

  • COCs are customizable
  • Blank COC's are also available
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Standard with all products
  • First year of support included in pricing
  • No license or user renewal fees
  • Leasing options available
  • Discounts for gov't and non-profit organizations
  • Custom features/reporting available
  • Money back guarantee

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