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Service and Support

Service and Support

Why does LabLite continue to replace existing programs and win contracts when compared to competitive LIMS offerings?

One of the most important reasons for this is our service. Thanks to years of positive feedback from surveys and our core clients, we can honestly claim to have excellent service. Our staff is trained to listen carefully to our clients and act quickly when problems arise or custom work is requested.

Our clients appreciate that the first year of LabLite support is included in the original purchase price. We know that the installation and implementation phases are when you have the most questions on the best way to accomplish a task. Of course you will have an excellent manual and help file at your fingertips, but you will also want to use our toll-free line and speak to a knowledgeable and friendly person immediately.

LabLite support staff work in pairs for each client type. You know them by name and they know you; it is personal, and that is our business model. We can help you prepare new reports, or train new employees. These are all in a days work for our team.

Service and Support With client permission, we maintain working backup copies of client databases locally at our headquarters. We pre-test modifications and additions against your data prior to sending them to you. Our ability to remotely train, modify, and add to each client specific program avoids travel costs and the potential time delay for solutions. Tracking each line of annotated code with our own referenced failsafe system means modifications and additions are concluded in hours, not days or weeks.

Other LIMS companies charge more for support. Their daily fees are exorbitant; they raise their prices annually, or even charge you for each "seat". They may have "user groups" where you send people at great expense to learn their program. LabLite refuses to do business this way. Our pricing is straightforward and reasonable. Our service and support are unmatched in the LIMS business. Our products are easy to learn and use. Our references will back us on these assertions.

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