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"Lablite has helped move the Water Laboratory to an electronic records environment which protects the integrity requirements of all our regulatory agencies. Customer service is provided by friendly, courteous and knowledgeable employees who make problem solving very easy. Since implementing Lablite in our laboratory a year ago, the lab has noticeably improved in organizing, archiving and retrieving laboratory data."
- G. Carter-Burks, Memphis Light, Gas & Water Division, Memphis, TN
"We are totally happy! LabLite is easy to work with, you're all wonderful, very quick to respond and friendly!"
- Melinda Lewis, Trident Lab Services, Inc Ladson, SC (843) 871-4999
"Boy, what a difference from before LabLite when it took us most of the day to fight with the <name removed> LIMS! I kick myself for every day that we didn't do this months earlier!"
- Dr. William Zolner, Eagle Analytical Services, Houston, Texas
"LabLite has been a great improvement for our lab. We find that the system is straightforward and easy to use. The Client Status and Lab Notebook screens have given us the ability to have a snapshot of the progress of any sample in the lab. The ability to move between the Login, Lab Notebook, and the Report preview screens all from Client Status is a lifesaver when we have an anxious client calling for results."
- Beth Dunn, HydroTechnologies
"LabLite has helped me improve the quality of our record keeping system tremendously. Every analyst that uses LabLite finds the system easy to use and readily adapts. More than anything your service impresses me most. Whenever we have a problem, your technical support is superb. Your sales team promised a quality product. You have all delivered!!!"
- Kim Weaver, Southern University of Utah
"Prior to April 2006, calls coming into our office were recorded on paper. There was no means of quantifying calls into the office. Potentially important questions, e.g., how were the calls distributed among the 5 municipalities, what are the most common concerns of the public, etc., were not readily answerable.

The LabLite Customer Service program has provided a means of easily and accurately tracking incoming calls, assigning responses and tracking responses. A lab manager or director can easily keep track of incoming calls and ensuring that calls are not 'falling through the cracks' of a busy office."
- Larry Marsicano, Executive Director, Candlewood Lake Authority, CT

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